Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Busted Knuckle Productions Develops a Fiery Television Series - "Pyro!"

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Busted Knuckle Productions is a film and television company based in Los Angeles. This company specializes in thrillers with several films slated for release soon, including: Cornered, The Whispering Dead and Killing Angels. Now, this company is set to produce their first television series.

"Pyro" is a story of a volunteer firefighter with dangerous tendencies; he likes to start fires. He suppresses these desires until an arsonist turns up. Now, Tyler Jacobs (Scott Michael Campbell) will have to find this arsonist and let loose his fiery rage.

Production on "Pyro" begins in August with a one hour television pilot. Announced cast and crew info' are listed below.

Director: TBA.

Writers: Justin Bowman, and Chris Hayes.

Cast: Scott Michael Campbell, Chris Hayes, and Jason Gray-Stanford.

Producers: Hunter G. Williams, Justin Bowman, Zack Kamen, and Chris Hayes.

Further announcements on "Pyro" will be shown here:

The Busted Knuckle Productions Webpage

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