Thursday, June 14, 2012

Finding Good Eye Candy with Strippers vs. Werewolves: A Movie Review

Director: Jonathan Glendening.

Writers: Pat Higgins and Phillip Barron.

Cast: Robert Englund, Steven Berkoff and Lysette Anthony.

In a movie that is tentatively tantalizing by its title alone, Strippers vs. Werewolves, to wait ‘30 days’ in the movie’s timeline before the real action begins is tough. Also, that is an awfully long time before the battle can begin. In that duration, one rat pack can easily dispense with another, and make several stops for snacks along the way.

When Justice, an exotic dancer defends herself against Mickey, a gangster who goes feral with lust, she does not know what she has started. The silver tipped pen she uses to protect herself with kills him. That results in many problems for Vixens, the strip club, when the mobsters realize one of their own has fallen.

Thankfully, the gangster’s death does not get discovered until hours later. The staff has time to prepare for the impending battle. The irony is that the wolves want to be ‘in their prime’ when they attack.

Audiences expecting to see plenty of British booty will be in for a slight disappointment. What is presented is very tame and had this product been properly rated by the MPAA with an R, then some eye-popping moments can be enjoyed. This product is a British horror comedy that very aptly lampoons the nature of the beast. Some of the humour is good, but as a product that starts of very well, it takes a nosedive to pass the time away. The drama and excitement is not there when the story leaves the venue of the strip club.

This film gives the best of the goods at the start, with some smart characterizations and an establishing of life behind the curtains at Vixens. The presentation is also very slick too. Its use of split screening sets the comic book style of drama, and there may be more to come when the strippers become warrior princesses.

With many good names headlining this movie, sadly not all of them get to shine. Simon Phillips (Jack Trilogy), Billy Murray and Martin Kemp (both from "Eastender") are the only performances worth noting. Many fans of Robert Englund will be disappointed in finding that he did not get a larger role. He is very fitting as a grandfatherly figure, and he might have done better if he reprised his role as Ian from Zombie Strippers! Now if this crossing over of a characters can mean a beginning of a new sub-genre then maybe Full Moon Entertainment’s Strippers vs. Zombies will not feel alone. But the Japanese horror industry wins out as being the first to release Big Tits Zombie.

The curious are better off waiting for Well Go USA’s release than to pay the extra taxes to import this title in. This movie can be watched for the eye candy it presents. Some viewers may want to call that a voyeuristic sin. Strippers are suddenly becoming very popular, and in due time, they will bare more than just fangs!

Overall: 6.5 out of 10.

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