Tuesday, June 05, 2012

An Ex-con on the Loose in Captured: Early Stills

Captured is an indie horror project being developed by first time Argentinian director Joe Arias. The film tells a tale of an escaped convict and a rock and roll band. Guitars and axes will clash as the prisoner becomes obsessed with their music. He wants to silence it forever! Jasper Cole (MacGruber) stars along with Brittany Curran (The Uninvited) and Julian Curtis. This film is currently in production, but fans can take a look at two of the characters from the film here.

In the first still, the villain hides behind a mask. And below, actor Cole can be seen as Shelly. Shelly is a local handyman who might know a thing or two of the ex-con's past. Cast and crew details are below.

Director: Joe Arias.

Writers: Joe Arias, Michael Meinecke, and J.P. Ouellette.

Cast: Brittany Curran, Julian Curtis, Kirsten Prout, Jake White, Mike Randy, Christian Monzon, and Jasper Cole.

The film's fan page is here:

Captured on Facebook

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