Thursday, March 29, 2012

Who is the Most Unstable in this First Look at Starz Media's Latest: Preview

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Unstable is the latest film to be distributed by Starz Media. This film is part psychological thriller and part crime drama. The story is diverse as well. A good looking mysterious man moves in with a recently divorced mother, Kristen, and the sparks fly. Justin has a reason for his mystery, however. He is a part-time con man with a penchant for kidnapping and Oliver, Kristen's son, is his target for a big payoff.

The first poster for Unstable is here. Fans of thrillers can preview a trailer as well for the film at the Starz Media website found below. Keep in mind, though, that this an independent production and some of the low budget challenges inherent in this style of filmmaking are shown in the reel below. A release date will be announced shortly for this film. More details are below.

Director: Michael Feifer.

Writer: Michael de la Torre.

Producers: Jeffrey Schenck, and Barry Barnholtz.

Cast: Ashley Scott, Ivan Sergei, Natalia Baron, and George Newbern.

*status: completed production.

A trailer for the film is located here:

Unstable at Starz Media/Trailer


Unstable at the Film Catalogue

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