Friday, March 02, 2012

Dead Mine to Salvage Some Gold and Sacrifice Some Characters: A Preview

Dead Mine is an upcoming film from director Steven Sheil (Mum and Dad) that features treasure hunters in the Indonesian jungle. They are searching for Yamashita's Gold and Yamashita is an actual figure from history. He was a Japanese Naval officer and later Commander-in-Chief of the entire Japanese Navy. So, it is not hard to fathom that Yamashita had wealth of some sorts. Will the looters find his buried wealth?

That is an answer that film fans will have to wait for and another question involves the film's genre. Is this a horror film or thriller? Likely, Dead Mine is a combination of both genres. With Sheil already comfortable with horror in his picture Mum and Dad, then it is likely that this feature will also house some elements of horror. As well, the title gives some clues to its genre. Hopefully, Dead Mine is both horrifying and thrilling as a horror movie should be.

Release Date: 2012.

Director: Steven Sheil.

Writers: Steven Sheil and Ziad Semaan.

Cast: Sam Hazeldine, Joe Taslim, Miki Mizuno, Les Loveday, James Taenaka, Ario Bayu, Mike Lewis, Carmen Soo and Bang Tigor.

*shooting in Batam, Indonesia.


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