Tuesday, February 21, 2012

"The Walking Dead" and Your Choice of Subplots: A Television Review ("Triggerfinger")

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*here be spoilers.

Creator: Frank Darabont.

Director: Billy Gierhart.

Writers: Frank Darabont and Robert Kirkman.

Episode 9, "Triggerfinger," started with a bang and this showing maintained the momentum almost all the way through. The return of Season 2 after a mid-series break is proving that "The Walking Dead" knows how to improve. This reviewer continues to return to find out what happens next. Many subplots and some drama mixed in with the action kept "Triggerfinger" in an exciting place. Hopefully, the rest of the series maintains this level of intensity.

In case you missed the episode, Rick (Andrew Lincoln), Herschel (Scott Wilson) and Glenn (Steven Yeun) are still back in town dealing with issues. Alcohol seems to be helping the characters cope with the undead apocalypse, but is it helping their aim? Then, more survivors turn up in town searching for Tony (Aaron Munoz) and Dave (Michael Raymond-James), who are now dead by Rick's hand. They do not give up their search easily despite Rick's coaxing. Instead, there is another shootout and the zombies in the area come to join the party.

This was one of the best action sequences since the shootout near Atlanta (near the quarry). Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies) is rescued from her car crash but Shane (Jon Bernthal) is no AAA. He is more delusional than knight in shining armour and the storm clouds are brewing with Shane and Rick set to tangle very soon. This is not a happy love triangle for two of the characters. A new character Randall is introduced, but he is given little attention outside of a blindfold and some combat surgery. What does he know of the other survivors?

The subplots continue to stymie this film fan. The subplots are many and diverse, possibly to appeal to a wide audience. To sum up some of the smaller storylines: Shane announces Lori's pregnancy to the group (does Shane understand tact), Glenn is dealing with cowardice after the gunfight, Dale (Jeffrey DeMunn) is continuing to stalk about camp complaining about everything under the sun, Daryl (Norman Reedus) is returning to the group after some strange behaviour, and Shane is showing a general lack of self-control in most interactions. It is amazing that this group is surviving in the zombie apocalypse especially after Lori's Darwinian Award and car crash. However, all of the storylines are creating the right amount of drama and action to keep this zombie television fan watching. Are you keeping track of all the minor plots?

And this is the best zombie television show around; unfortunately, this is the only zombie television show around. "Triggerfinger" followed the usual formula of introducing some early exciting scenes with a switch to drama in the middle. Then, the show ends, again, with a great finale. You can almost feel the pressure building in Rick as he tries to figure out how to handle Shane. The series as a whole is building towards a climax. The action scenes are increasing and the conflict in the group is reaching a boiling point. How will the season end? This critic just hopes for more interaction between the main group and the other survivor group, stalking about on the periphery. The shambling dead are no competition when humanity is the greatest threat to Rick and his group.

"Triggerfinger" was possibly the best episode from Season 2 so far. See the show if you have not seen it already and prepare for some more tense sequences as the trailer for "18 Miles Out" promises more tension. After all, if you are in a global pandemic, then there should be some risky situations and heart pumping action, right?

Overall: 8 out of 10 (the writing is following a formula, lots of subplots, intense action scenes, some necessary drama, some unbelievable moments as well).

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