Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dracula is Working for the Nazis in Fangs of War 3D: First Poster

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Fangs of War aka Fangs of War 3D continues to develop and now a movie poster has been released for this World War II thriller. Jim Donovan ("Human Prey") will direct this tale of vampires and immortality. The story follows a squad of special forces as they try to intervene in the Nazi's scheme to extract everlasting life from Count Dracula. Stake in hand, they will deliver death once and for all to this creature of the night. But will they get there in time?

Fangs of War will star Dominic Purcell ("Prison Break"), Celina Jade (Legendary Assassin) and Tom Felton. 2013 will be a battle of wills between forces of the supernatural and the silly mortals who get in the way.

Director: Jim Donovan.

Writer: Geoffrey Gunn.

Cast: Dominic Purcell, Tom Felton, Celina Jade, and Gabreiel Freilich.

*Celina Jade will play Anna Van Helsing.

**Dominic Purcell starred in another Nazi styled horror film titled Blood Creek.


Fangs of War at Stealth Media Group

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