Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Midnight Disease and Finding Murderous Inspiration: A Movie Review

*full disclosure: an online screener of this film was provided by Midnight Releasing.

Director: Ryan Fowler, and Robbie Ribspreader.

Writer: Robbie Ribspreader.

The Midnight Disease is an indie thriller set for DVD April 3rd through Midnight Releasing. The midnight disease is also known as writer's block and in the film, Jack has a bad case of this fictional ailment. He spends his nights staring at white paper until a mysterious vial of blood is delivered to his apartment. From here on out, the film gets very messy as characters disappear.

Along the way, Jack (Laurence R. Griffin) meets Michelle (Mia Chiarella), a neighbour. They strike up a friendship and Michelle relates her boyfriend troubles. Jack has his own problems as a voice from his closet beckons him to murder! Jack must continue killing in order to produce more pages for the greatest book of his career. Then the cops come calling and Jack's murder spree has to kick into high gear.

The Midnight Disease is really like a stage play set to film. Almost all of the scenes take place in one small apartment. Here, Jack lazes about single and alone initially. Later, this character shows a couple levels. Jack might be induced to murder because of a tumour or due to the supernatural. The final scene will reveal which is the true source of his murderous rage. As well, the directing style of this film is uninspiring due to the limits of the budget. The Midnight Disease was likely made for under $5,000, so there is very little room for experimentation. The acting is delivered from a cast of newcomers. Yet, the film is comedic in parts and horrifying near the end. This reviewer enjoyed the film overall.

This film is for fans of indie horror or thrillers. Both genres are represented here and The Midnight Disease is well written by Robbie Ribspreader. The central characters are interesting and only a few slow moments hamper full enjoyment. See this film when it releases April 3rd for an exercise in quality independent filmmaking.

Overall: 7 out of 10 (well written, good characters, some shocking scenes, too much time in one set, few exterior shots).

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