Saturday, January 21, 2012

It's a Disaster Brings the Apocalypse and an Early Concept Poster

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*this poster has been removed because the owners of the film have threatened legal action against this Blog. And no thanks was received for being the only site to promote this silly looking film. So, please feel free to boycott It's a Disaster when the film is finally released as this is the course of action this film fan and free promoter for It's a Disaster will be taking.

A few details are coming in about a new comedy thriller called It's a Disaster. In this post-apocalyptic adventure, four couples meet only to find their relationships devolve into panic as the world comes to an end. An early concept poster for the film is seen left and Maya Entertainment has acquired distribution rights for this title. A release date is coming soon. For now, have a gander at the early cast details which include Julia Stiles (The Omen), David Cross ("Arrested Development") and America Ferrera.

Completion Year: 2012.

Director/writer: Todd Berger.

Cast: Julia Stiles, David Cross, America Ferrera, Rachel Boston, Erinn Hayes, Jesse Draper, Todd Berger, Rob McGillivray, Kevin Brennan, Blaise Miller, and Laura Adkin.

*a trailer is coming soon.


It's A Disaster at The Film Catalogue

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