Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Bill Oberst Jr.'s Severed Ear: A Prosthetic Review!

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Well, this is surreal. Opening the mail box this week produces a lifelike severed ear! This product, seen left, is taken from a mold of actor
Bill Oberst Jr.'s actual ear. Squishy, blood-coated and attached to a piece of gore encrusted twine, this is the horror fans ultimate collector's item. As well, each prosthetic, from make-up artist Simpat B., comes with a signed photo that says: "I certify that this is my actual severed ear!" The shock does not end there.

This fan received another picture of Bill Oberst Jr. probably taken from the film Dismal with Bill offering his trademark: "you got Dale's word on that!" Here is hoping that Dale does not make a pitstop near here with his sneering mug. Also, The only thing more menacing than Bill's picture is the quality of this piece. It feels like a freaking ear! And apparently Bill has rather large ears, at least compared to this horror fan.

Although it is late in the Christmas shopping season, this reviewer would recommend that you lay down the twenty odd dollars for this piece which is handcrafted. The stock is limited and shipping is free. Shipping to this address was atleast seventeen dollars so this item is a steal. Check out this collectible for your friend or family member who is a horror fan.

This product can be ordered at Bill Oberst Jr.'s official website found here:

A Severed Ear for Your Holidays

Bill talks about these handcrafted horror treasures here:

The photo above is sourced from More Horror:

A Severed Ear at More Horror

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