Sunday, November 06, 2011

Sick to Takeover Toronto Streets for a Post-Apocalyptic Production

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Hellfire Pictures has begun shooting for their production Sick. This is a post-apocalyptic tale that sees the world struggling with an infection and three survivors are just trying to get by in the chaos. Those survivors are played by Richard Sutton, Robert Nolan and acting newcomer Christina Aceto. As well, this is a Canadian production that will be shooting in and around Toronto, Ontario with Ryan M. Andrews (Black Eve) directing. Enjoy this early preview of Sick as the first graphic for the film stares back at you with a lesion filled eye.

Director: Ryan M. Andrews.

Producer: Bruno Marino.

Cast: Christina Aceto, Richard Sutton, Robert Nolan, Veronika London and Debbie Rochon.

*visual effects coordinator Derek Grime (Fight Club) has also been attached.

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