Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hostel: Part III Changes Hostels for Casinos in this First Trailer

Hostel: Part III is the first film in the series to not have Eli Roth directing. Instead, actor, writer and director Scott Spiegel (Evil Dead II) will take up the torch in this straight-to-DVD launch. Raw Nerve will again produce, with Roth taking a secondary role on this film as producer. Now, the first trailer is available for the film, which shows several groom's men out on the town in Las Vegas. Sin City turns out to be a little more dangerous when the city's bloodsport community comes out at night to play.

The Elite Hunting Club is back and this time they offer torture in an underground arena where the most fantastic kill wins the money. This title will release on DVD December 27th and take a look at the franchise that defined the term torture porn back in 2005 with this sadistic trailer.

Release Date: December 27th, 2011 (DVD).

Director: Scott Spiegel.

Writers: Scott Spiegel, and John Fasano.

Producers: Chris Briggs, Rui Costa Reis, Mike Fleiss, Eliad Josephson, Scott Putman, Scott Spiegel and Eli Roth.

Cast: Kip Pardue, John Hensley, Skyler Stone, Chris Coy, Thomas Kretschmann, and Sarah Habel.

The first trailer for Hostel: Part III

*rated Restricted for: strong bloody sadistic violence and torture, sexuality/nudity and pervasive language.

**produced by Raw Nerve.

***the poster seen here is likely fan made and the official art will be displayed soon.


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