Thursday, October 06, 2011

Gingerclown Stars Tim Curry, Lance Henricksen and More: First Trailer

Production has almost finished on Gingerclown or Gingerclown 3D. This film was shot in Hungary with actor Tim Curry (IT) to show again as a scary clown. Also starring are Lance Henriksen (Aliens), Brad Dourif (Priest), Sean Young (Parasomnia) and many others. The film's tale is retro and features 1983, where a group of high schoolers challenge Sam to enter a haunted amusement park. Therein lie creatures ready to torment him and Sam's object of affection, Jenny.

Gingerclown is being billed as the "first European film in 3D." As well, this is a horror and comedy blended film that will be released in theatres later this year, in 3D. Now, an early trailer is available for this film, which shows one of the scenes from Gingerclown and the aforementioned amusement park. Take an early look, with Gingerclown set to launch very soon.

Release Date: 2011.

Director/writer: Balazs Hatvani.

Producers: Zsuzsa Gulyas, Balázs Hatvani, and Levente Kiss.

Cast: Erin Hayes, Ashley Luke Lloyd, Michael Cannell-Griffiths and Tim Curry as Gingerclown. Lance Henriksen, Brad Dourif, Michael Winslow, Sean Young, Rick Lance, Andrew Montesi, András Koloszár, and Nelson Matthews.

An early traiker for Gingerclown 3D:

Visit the film's website for more details:

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