Wednesday, October 05, 2011

The Barrens Puts the Jersey Devil to Flight Once More: Early Preview

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The legendary Jersey Devil has been featured in several films from 2002's 13th Child to The Jersey Devil (2005) and a recent television movie with Lou Diamond Phillips titled Carny (2009). All of these films feature a strangely winged creature that looks like a left over from the Mesozoic era (dinosaurs). Now, this mythical creature will take flight in Darren Lynn Bousman's (Mother's Day) script for The Barrens.

In this latest incarnation, a family heads out into southern Jersey for some fun and camping. Instead, they find the remnants of The Jersey Devil's last meal and a horror filled night or two. Shooting on this film has only recently begun, but fans can have an early look at The Barrens with this concept poster (seen left). Also, a picture is hosted below of the supposed Jersey Devil and no, this film fan did not draw it.

Release Date: Fall 2012.

Director/writer: Darren Lynn Bousman.

Producers: Armen Aghaeian, Jon Campfens, Claude Chiasson, Sean E. DeMott, Peter Denomme, John M. Eckert,
Thomas M. Kastelz, Shara Kay, Robert Khachatooriyan, Edmund Mokhtarian, Edward Mokhtarian, Steve Ruff, Richard Saperstein, Thomas Vencelides, and Brian Witten.

Cast: Stephen Moyer, Mia Kirshner, Erik Knudsen, J. Larose, Max Topplin, and Peter DaCunha .

*filming in Canada.

**the Jersey Devil is thought to have been created by the Devil, a 19th Cent. legend.


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