Thursday, September 15, 2011

Vamperifica to Show at 2011's Screamfest: Trailer

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Vamperifica is a new horror comedy from actor and director Bruce Ornstein. The plot breaks down as follows: Carmen, a very flamboyant male, finds unique powers within himself once bitten by a night stalker. A vampire king's soul resides in Carmen and this essence will be unleashed October 14th at this year's Screamfest. Screamfest takes places in Los Angeles every year and this gory festival begins October 14th and continues until October 23rd. Vamperifica will haunt the screens and fans of vampire thrillers or comedies are encouraged to take a look at the film's trailer, which shows all sorts of comedic action. Apparently, not everyone is destined for Broadway!

Release Date: October 14th (Festival).

Director: Bruce Ornstein.

Writers: Bruce Ornstein and Martin Yurkovic.

Cast: Martin Yurkovic, Dreama Walker, Creighton James, Bonnie Swencionis, Jeff Ward, Josh Alexander, Daud Shah, Christina Oliveras, Vincent Quintiliani, Darlene Violette, Gianna LePera, Roi King, Amanda Gates, Sara Ann Johnson, Robert Rossi, Jamie Genoa, Matthew Robert Dunehoo, Jason John Arena, Amanda Brooke Lerner, Reema Thitha, Joseph William Currie, and Irina Babushkina.

The trailer for Vamperifica is here:

Show dates will be posted at Screamfest for the film:

Screamfest Festival Details

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