Friday, September 30, 2011

Uwe Boll's Blubberella To Squash Audiences January 31st on DVD and VOD

The earth will quake January 31st when Phase 4 Films unleashes Blubberella to DVD and VOD audiences. And with a tagline like "Half vampire, two and a half women," you know the jokes are going to be crass in typical Uwe Boll (Bloodrayne 3) style. Another tagline "Pound for poung pure action," is not much better and the film has been called: "a big ol’ meaty wad of concentrated awful" (Rigney). Phase 4 Films would like us to believe that Uwe boll "has a huge cult following," but 28DLA would like to start a spontantaneous anti-Boll petition right here. Let us stop Boll from making any more films!

For those interested, Blubberella was filmed dually with Bloodrayne 3 in Zagreb, Croatia. And many actors from Bloodrayne 3 participate in this film: "you almost feel sorry for the film’s cast, who have been plucked from the set of Bloodrayne 3 to participate in one of the worst comedies I’ve seen since Fat Slags." Actors Michael Pare, Clint Howard and Uwe Boll as Hitler reprise their roles in this comedic? film. Instead, of an army of vampires, this time Hitler is creating an army of zombies. Enjoy a preview of the release below along with Rigney's hilarious review.

Release Date: January 31st (VOD, DVD).

Director: Uwe Boll.

Producer: Dan Clarke.

Writers: Lindsay Hollister, Uwe Boll, and Willam Belli.

Cast: Uwe Boll, Lindsay Hollister, Clint Howard, and Michael Paré.

The film's official trailer:

Read Rigney's review here at Beyond Hollywood:

Blubberella Reviewed at Beyond Hollywood


Blubberella at Phase 4 Films

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