Thursday, September 15, 2011

Killer Holiday Brings Composer Kurt Oldman into the Web

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Killer Holiday is an independent horror film from director Marty Thomas. In the film, a killer named Spider haunts youths on Hwy. 66 and then into a local amusement park. Here, these friends become trapped in the Spider's web, where every room is full of sharp glass and death. Production on this feature completed in August of this year and now, it has been announced that composer Kurt Oldman (Babysitter Wanted) will score this piece, before a theatrical run October 14th. Oldman has also composed for the horror titles Hot Rod Horror, Robert A. Masciantonio's Neighbor and many others. Michael Copon (Night of the Demons) stars in a film that is sure to put serial killers back on the map. Have a look at the thrilling trailer below.

Release Date: October 14th, 2011 (Limited Theatrical).

Director: Marty Thomas.

Writer: Jon Zuber, and Marty Thomas.

Producers: Michael Copon, Jon Zuber, Marty Thomas, and Tonya Mantooth.

Cast: Michael Copon, Rachel Lara, Alex Mandel, Julia Beth Stern, Noah Gibbings, Matt Calloway, Gabe Olivera, David Naminga, Randolph Mantooth, Rich Hoag, Sydney and Rae Shalhoob.

The trailer for Killer Holiday is here:

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