Friday, September 09, 2011

Beware: A Horror Legend is Coming to Your Town October 18th

Maya Entertainment has picked up Jason Daly's horror film Beware for a DVD release October 18th. The story involves an ancient legend in Shady Grove, involving a boy chained to a tree and left to die. Now, he has returned for vengeance! To stare are Adam Leadbeater (Awakening), Alex Livinalli (Cowboys & Indians), Brandy Whitford (Damaged) and Cecilia Huete (Carpe Diem). The trailer for the picture below shows some terror and fans of the indie horror can check this title out in just a few months.

Maya Entertainment acquires and distributes films that are relevant to a developing Latino market in the United States. They have a vast library and their recent releases of Hunter Prey and Zombie Farm have been entertaining, while Playing House could have used a little more originality. Have a look at Maya's latest and possibly finest film to date, below.

Release Date: October 18th (DVD).

Director: Jason Daly.

Writers: Jason Daly, and Shawn Copenhaver.

Cast: Adam Leadbeater, Lorena King, Cecilia Huete, Vivi Pineda, Eddy Acosta, Alex Livinalli, Fernando Vieira, Edward Madera, Víctor González, Michelle McLaren, Omar Caraballo, and Tico Chavez.

The trailer for Beware is here:

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