Sunday, August 28, 2011

Rancid Traps Four Test Subjects in a Murderous Corporate Lair: First Trailer and Poster

WonderPhil Productions is a film marketer based in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Their latest title is Rancid, a film from director Alastair Orr (The Unforgiving). This is a sci-fi thriller that puts four test subjects in a perilous situation. A corporation is testing a new drug, which accidently or intentionally (it is not explained) turns some of the participants into blood craving monsters. The experiment breaks down, while hired guns try to regain control. The soundtrack heightens the tension, with Rancid setting itself up to be on this reviewer's must-see list.

Rancid stars Brandan Auret of District 9, Ryan Macquet (One Way) and Christien Le Roux. This is an early preview of a film whose major crux involves the players' "hidden truths" (WonderPhil) or reason for signing up for the project. They must be desperate. As well, there is mention of a "pregnant intruder," which needs more background to be discussed. Finally, the corporation's reason for hosting this dangerous experiment are mysterious. What is the purpose of trial B-15? Hopefully, WonderPhil Productions releases more info' on these story elements for a film that, so far, looks truly excellent. Have a look at the thrilling trailer below, for the upcoming Rancid.

Tagline: "Everyone has an Expiration Date."

Release Date: September 1st, 2011.

Director: Alastair Orr.

Writers: Alastair Orr and Jonathan Jordaan.

Executive Producer: Jack Darier.

Producer: Ryan Macquet.

Director of Photography: Brendan Michael Barnes.

Cast: Michael Thompson, Brandan Auret, Craig Hawks, Ingeborg Riedmaier, Ryan Macquet, and Christien Le Roux.

The trailer for Rancid is here (some adult situations, rated mature):

*status: post-production.

**this film is remiscent of Stuart Hazeldine's film Exam (2010), but there are more thrills here.


Rancid at WonderPhil Productions

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