Thursday, August 11, 2011

Insight and Double-Takes: A Movie Review

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*full disclosure: a screener of this film was provided by G.C. Pix LLC.

Director: Richard Gabai.

Writers: Aaron Ginsburg and Wade McIntyre.

Cast: Sean Patrick Flanery, Angeline-Rose Troy, Natalie Zea, Christopher Lloyd, and Adam Baldwin.

Insight is one part murder mystery and one part psychological thriller. This film stars Sean Patrick Flanery and Natalie Zea centrally. Flanery plays a detective, while Zea plays Kaitlyn a night nurse with a mission. That mission is to find a young girl's killer, after this victim dies in her emergency room. A defibrillator possibly gives Kaitlyn psychic insight into the killer's identity, while the final moments of this film delivers an unseen emotional punch. Insight will be in theatres September 2nd and this reviewer would suggest you get in line, for the: tense plot, a psychological unravelling and the great ending.

After Kaitlyn recovers from her shock, she begins to feel as if the young girl who died in the e.r. is sending her supernatural messages. This is not Freaky Friday where people switch identities, but something a little more mysterious and less campy. Kaitlyn uses her visions to search for Allison's killer, while a burnt out police detective tries his best to use her psychic gifts to solve his case. Det. Rafferty exploits Kaitlyn in more ways than one and the film is constantly teasing the killer's true identity. Slow through the first half, the pacing of Insight then picks up in the second half of the film.

Allison, before her death, had an affair with her married psychiatrist. As well, she had an obsessive boyfriend. So, there are a few characters here who are prime suspects for her murder. Kaitlyn's visions show her Allison's last moments, but for each of her psychic moments of clarity she has - there is a practical reason for how she is perceiving these instances. The great ending will not be revealed here. Suffice to say, that Kaitlyn, as a protagonist, is one of the more complex characters to grace screens in some time.

And Kaitlyn's confrontation with one of Allison's former lovers is full of tension and gunplay. The dialogue near the final scenes gives some evidence to whom Allison's killer is. However, Insight is not wrapped up in a nice little bow. Viewers will have to pay close attention to the final few moments to come up with theories of Allison's murder and a few other unmentionable details.

Overall, Insight is a well acted thriller, with writers Aaron Ginsburg and Wade McIntyre crafting a script that changes its colours, much like a chameleon. Flanery is convincing as Rafferty, while Kaitlyn plays an appropriately distressed character, in the middle of a murder investigation. As well, the final few scenes are worth waiting for, with the film avoiding almost all stumbling blocks in film production. Definitely, see this one on the big screen. Theatre premiere locations include Arizona, California and several other territories; a full listing is below.

Overall: 8 out of 10 (lighting is moody, acting is spot on, one relationship seems forced, open ending).

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