Sunday, August 07, 2011

American Horror Story Set to Premiere October 5th!

Although "American Horror Story" does not have the same ring as American Psycho, this new television series is set to premiere Tuesday, October 5, 2011. Thirteen episodes are being ordered up by FX Networks and creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk ("Glee," "Nip/Tuck") are handling all the important chores in its premiere episode. Genre writers like Tim Minear ("X-Files," "Angel"), Jennifer Salt (Eat Pray Love), and James Wong (Black Christmas) will continue on in their work.

The tale centers on the Harmon family, whom, after some domestic squabbles, are looking to make a fresh start. Something scared Vivien Harmon (Britton) at their old Boston home and it proved unsettling enough, forcing them to move. They travelled across country hoping to escape it. By settling in Los Angeles, hopefully the nightmares are over … but it is not!

But there is more to this horror story than its basic premise. It will focus on issues like infidelity, fear, and domestic issues within a white collar family homestead.

Along with Ben (Dylan McDermott) and a teenage daughter Violet (Taissa Farmiga), the family relocates into a stately Victorian home that is shrouded in mystery. Most of which is not good. Adelaide (Jamie Brewer) knows the house's history, and she is a supporting character who will no doubt tell all in due time.

The two writer/exec-producers have a lot going for them. After the success of their own projects, they're coming home to FX Networks to develop "American Horror Story." Reports of them paying homage to the horror movies they've grown up with, like Don't Look Now, 'The Shining and Jaws are high on their list of terror to recreate, but there's also the stuff of nightmares normally reserved for movie-theatre goers that's going to grace the small screen. There are going to be spirit-corpses, clawed demons, and leather glad ghosts from the get go. Instead of a slow build, it is going to be explode and leave guts dripping everywhere.

Should these reports hold true, the first episode is going to be more than a killer. It'll bring shock-cinema back to the glory days of black and white. Remember Castle, anyone?

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