Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tragedy in Marek Losey's The Hide on DVD September 6th

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Breaking Glass Pictures will distribute Marek Losey's thriller, The Hide on DVD September 6th. This is a film from across the shores and this English film puts one loner and a mysterious man together and on the run from the police. Tragedy is the end result.

The film poster for the release is almost colourless, while the tagline suggests "no crime stays hidden forever." Receiving good reviews thus far, The Hide is for film fans with a desire for mystery. Check this one out in a fews days, through Breaking Glass Picture's sister company, Vicious Circle Films. More release details are below.

The synopsis for The Hide is here:

"Roy Tunt is a quirky loner who spends his days in a 'hide' – a secluded seaside shelter where he watches and documents the many species of birds that pass over the shoreline. One gloomy day, his meticulous routine is interrupted by the arrival of David, a mysterious man on the run from the police. Though Roy is at first hostile towards the intruder, the two men gradually let their guards down and find themselves engaged in deep discussion through which they form a strange bond. But as the police draw near, both Roy and David unleash their dark sides, and the escalating tension pushes them to a tragic conclusion" (Breaking Glass).

Release Date: September 6th, 2011.

Director: Marek Losey.

Writers: Tim Whitnall.

Cast: Alex MacQueen, Phil Campbell, Laura Hopwood, and Howard Ward.


Vicious Circle Films (Future Updates Here)


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