Saturday, July 09, 2011

Active Entertainment to Deliver Alien Tornadoes on Television in 2012

Production company Active Entertainment has been busy creating an upcoming science fiction adventure titled Alien Tornado. This film is expected to release in 2012 and Alien Tornado stars Jason London, Stacy Keach, Wes Brown and many others. In the film, aliens cover up their doomsday device with smoke, fog and tornadoes! More a tale of revenge, fans of sci-fi can preview the film's first poster here, along with a synopsis below.

The synopsis for Alien Tornado:

"An unusual green-tinted tornado barrels through a farm town, leaving 15 year-old Jack Lynch homeless and fatherless. Thirty years later the same tornadoes return, only this time in numbers! Now a certified weather fanatic, Jack enlists the help of local meteorologist Gale Morgan and together they discover that the tornadoes are really a cover for an alien invasion! Jack and Gale must then dodge shadowy government forces to alert the public and stop the invasion" (Active Entertainment).

Director: Jeff Burr.

Writer: Paul A. Birkett.

Cast: Jason London, Stacy Keach, Wes Brown, Erin Cahill, Kari Wuhrer, and Jeff Fahey.


Alien Tornado at Active Entertainment

Active Entertainment also produced 2009's Wolvesbayne (television) and Flu Bird Horror aka Flu Birds (television):

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