Saturday, June 11, 2011

Indie Horror Alert: Dodge Axe Swings and Blood Effects in this Trailer for Ellie Rose

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Ellie Rose is a film from director Tristan Versluis, which has a second title, Not Alone. This film completed production way back in 2009 and now, this b-movie fan has found the first trailer for Ellie Rose, which is full of gruesome gore and family feuds. One character seems to mistake some people for a cord of wood, as the hatchet does some brutal damage to characters and this reviewer's psyche. Have a look at the gory video below, courtesy of Stealth Media Group and prepare yourself to see the most horrifying of what indie film has to offer.

The synopsis for Ellie Rose is here:

"Torn by years in an abusive marriage, an emotional Ellie Rose arrives at the family cabin along a broken coastline. The cabin unused for years, still holds memories. Imprisoned by her own actions and haunted by the ghosts of her past, Ellie soon starts to spiral out of control" (Stealth).

Status: Completed.

Director/writer: Tristan Versluis.

Cast: Lucy Benjamin, Bill Ward, and Alexandra Moen.

The mature trailer for Ellie Rose is here. An age gate has been applied, for gore, violence, and brutality:


More Info' on Ellie Rose can be Found at Stealth Media Group

Director Vesluis also worked on Blood River, in the make-up department:

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