Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hit the Call Button for The Stewardess in this High Flying Trailer for Airborne

The new feature from Dominic Burns (Cut) is one part thriller and one part suicide cult, as the film's first poster beckons you to "come die with me." In the trailer for this feature, a plane at 20,000 is ever going down, down, down...And actors Mark Hamill, Craig Conway (Dog Soldiers), Simon Phillips (The Last Seven) and Julian Glover (Mirrors) welcome you aboard one terrifying flight. Have an early look at this United Kingdom shot film, which will have you asking the stewardess for more booze and valium, in just under two minutes (courtesy of Dread Central).

The synopsis for Airborne is here:

"As a snowstorm closes in, one final plane takes off. The plane reports to the ground that both pilots are dead, while the slowly dwindling number of passengers on the plane wish that they'd never left the ground" (Dread).

Release Date: 2012.

Director: Dominic Burns.

Writer: Paul Chronnell.

Cast: Craig Conway, Simon Phillips, Gemma Atkinson, Sebastian Street, Kimberly Jaraj, Fiona Ryan, Jazz Lintott with Raji James, Andrew Shim, Alan Ford, Julian Glover, Billy Murray and Mark Hamill.

The mature trailer for Airborne is here:


Airborne at Dread Central

Black and Blue Films is one of the production companies behind this endeavour and they have provided such films as Dead Cert:

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