Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ghosts Exist in this Early Graphic for Angry Badger Pictures' Dark Peak

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Some early concept art has been released for Dark Peak, by production group Angry Badger Pictures. This early graphic shows a spectre of a World War II pilot, whose aircraft disappeared mysteriously. A prop from a plane is shown left, in hazy blue mist and one gets a sense of a supernatural presence, from this artwork.

The plotline for Dark Peak follows several hikers into some remote woods. Once there, they must fight off vicious attacks from the brooding force pictured left. Production on Dark Peak begins in September of this year (2011) and those interested in gothic art and horror films can check out the film's synopsis below.

The synopsis for Dark Peak is below:

"A group of hikers on Dark Peak encounter a terrifying, mysterious force and the one surviving member must convince his rescuers that something is very wrong" (Stealth).

Completion Date: December, 2011.

Director: Ben Jagger.

Producers: Paul Tucker, and John Adams.

Cast: Jack Huston, Dean S Jagger, and Richard O’Brien.

*based on true events. Since World War II, over 50 aircraft have disappeared. Some secrets are best left alone…(Stealth).


Dark Peak at Stealth Media Group

Stealth Media Group also distributed John V. Soto's Crush, to the United Kingdom and this film can be watched instantly below:

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