Saturday, June 04, 2011

The First Trailer for The Life Zone Tackles Abortion and Forced Birthing

This is one of the first independent films that this film lover has seen on Youtube, which has several more dislikes than likes. The comments for this film are pretty scathing, too. The film being lambasted is titled The Life Zone and this low budget shocker is from best-selling author Kenneth Del Vecchio (Horror).

The central plotline involves several doctors forcing a group of young women to have their babies, against their wills. The film stars Robert Loggia (Scarface), Lindsey Haun (Shrooms), Angela Little (American Pie), Blanche Baker (Sixteen Candles), Charles Durning, and Martin Kove. Prepare for audiences to be polarized on both sides of the abortion matter, as The Life Zone takes on some controversial material below.

The synopsis for The Life Zone is as follows:

"The Life Zone tells the tale of a group of women who are kidnapped while there at an abortion clinic. The young women are held against their will by an old cantankerous man, who doesn't want them to commit murder, and a doctor who is set to delivery all the babies simultaneously" (Horror).

Director: Rob Weber.

Writer: Ken Del Vecchio.

Cast: Tara Buck.

The trailer for The Life Zone is here (14+):


The Life Zone at Horror Bid

A novel from Kenneth Del Vecchio:

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