Thursday, June 02, 2011

A Deceptive Film Poster and Synopsis for the Upcoming Thriller Liars All Starring Sara Paxton

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An early synopsis and film poster are available for the film Liars All. This dramatic thriller stars Sara Paxton (Shark Night 3D), Matt Lanter ("90210"), Torrance Coombs ("Endgame") and Gillian Zinser. Sexy games turn to murder in what is usually a celebratory time, New Year's Eve. Cinema Management is the production company behind this thriller and expect Liars All to deceive you in 2012. Cast and crew details are below.

Tagline from the poster:

"On New Years Eve, a provocative game ends in murder, the true killer elusive amidst conflicting testimony and hidden motives."

The synopsis for Liars All is below:

"It is New Year's Eve in London and a group of friends are playing a provocative game that spins out of control and ends in murder. Despite an immediate police investigation, the true killer remains elusive amidst conflicting testimony and hidden motives. A night of shared secrets and newfound intimacies takes unexpected turns, resulting in an explosive outcome that will change their lives forever" (Film).

Completion Year: 2011.

Director/writer: Brian Brightly.

Producers: Jeffrey Allard, and Joey Carey.

Cast: Sara Paxton, Matt Lanter, Gillian Zinser, and Torrance Coombs.

*currently in post-production.


Liars All at Cinema Management

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