Sunday, May 01, 2011

Zombie Horror Thriller Mary Doe Moves into Pre-production

Mary Doe is an undead film project, which is currently in the pre-production stages. The longer vision for the Mary Doe universe is a trio of films, called the "Femme Fatale Trilogy."

The first film follows Mary, as she turns into one of the undead. Found in a desert, she is taken below ground, to a government research facility. Here she undergoes mysterious biological experiments.

Finally, due to the early stages of this film project, the details on Mary Doe are developing, with the film's concept poster left and a synopsis inside.

The plot outline for Mary Doe is here:

"A twelve-day trek across the desert and the insignificant form that is Mary Doe has exhausted all life within her. Rescued from death's door, she finds herself abandoned with five men, in a decommissioned government facility used for testing biological weapons.

Lost with no memory of who she is and no placement in this world, she finds no reason to want to win her freedom - to journey back from the dead!" (Mary).

Director/writer: Nick Nicolaou.

Producers: Nick Nicolaou, Paul Katte, and Franc Biffone.

*a game project is also developing, set in the Mary Doe world titled The Undead Zone. This project has already attached make-up artist and actor Tom Savini.

A teaser trailer for Mary Doe, which uses stock footage, can be found at the film's website below:

The Mary Doe Official Website

Day of the Dead is a film which is set in an underground facility. Also, David Moody's Autumn: Purification is a novel set deep under the earth, in a military bunker:

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