Thursday, May 26, 2011

Relevant Political Messages in this Horrifying Trailer for Olivier Abbou's Territoires

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28DLA is getting to the party a little bit fashionably late on this horror story, but the first trailer for Territoires, or Checkpoint, is relevant for pointing out the current troubles at the US-Canada border. Although, most Canadian border crossers do not experience torture, as suggested by the clip, there have been some stories of Canadians being held in detention for hours on end. Director Olivier Abbou smartly points out some of the current political tensions between these two nations and horror fans should look for Abbou's message in this first trailer for Territoires.

The synopsis for Territoires is here:

"Five friends returning from a marriage in Canada return home to the United States. Not far from the border, two customs officers stop them to check their identity. Suspicious, they take their time especially with Jalil, a man of Arab origin. The situation worsens when a customs officer finds a small bag of marijuana in the luggage.

Then things degenerate rapidly: a customs officer grabs the little dog that's part of the group and slits open its belly to be sure it's not a mule. When Gab makes a move, he's shot. The customs officer orders the surviving friends to undress and put on orange coveralls. Gradually, it dawns on the four tourists that they are in the hands of former torturers from Guantanamo" (Horror).

Release Date: 2011.

Director: Olivier Abbou.

Writers: Olivier Abbou, and Thibault Lang Willar.

Cast: Roc La Fortune, Sean Devine, Nicole Leroux, Cristina Rosato, and Michael Mando.

The trailer for Territoires is here (scenes of torture and brutality):


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This is a good satire on political issues more farther south, in North America:

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