Thursday, May 26, 2011

Maya Entertainment Kidnaps Columbian Thriller Saluda al Diablo Mi Parte (Greetings to the Devil) for a Theatrical Release!

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Maya Entertainment has picked up kidnap thriller Saluda al Diablo Mi Parte aka Greetings to the Devil for a future theatrical and video-on-demand (Variety). This is a Spanish language film from the Orozco brothers, who were both born in Medellin, Columbia. These filmmakers are surely no stranger to the criminal underworld based on their birthplace and Greetings to the Devil follows an ex-rebel soldier, who attempts to lead a more peaceful life. His former comrades in arms will not allow him his tranquility and instead, they kidnap his daughter in retribution. With no choice but to turn to violence, Angel must use his former training to track down these kidnappers and rescue his daughter. Expect a 2011 release for this title (prediction), with Saluda al Diablo Mi Parte to show in Columbia August 12th. The film's thrilling, but violent trailer is below.

The synopsis for Greetings to the Devil is here:

"Angel (Édgar Ramírez), a former guerilla rebel, is seeking a fresh start after turning in his arms and giving up his violent ways in exchange for amnesty. But after a victim from his former life kidnaps his daughter, Angel is given 72 hours to track down and murder the members of his former guerilla unit" (Devil).

Release Date: August 12th, 2011 (Columbia, Theatrical), (North America Unannounced).

Director: Juan Felipe Orozco.

Writer: Carlos Esteban Orozco.

Cast: Édgar Ramírez, Carolina Gómez, Ricardo Vélez, and Salvador del Solar.

The official trailer for Greetings to the Devil is here:

*the film was produced by Sanantero Films.

**Mongrel Media has picked this film up for Canadian distribution.


Greetings to the Devil at Variety

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