Monday, May 30, 2011

Camelot Entertaiment Breaks Out the Tea and Haggis in Their Upcoming Zombie Film Attack of the Herbals

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Camelot Entertainment has recently announced their acquisition of the horror comedy Attack of the Herbals. No, not that kind of herbal! This tea additive turns the local folks of a small Scottish town into brain eating zombies. Horror films remind us that almost anything can turn us into a flesheater, e.g. radiated ice-cream (Aaah! Zombies!), a random meteor strike (Brain Dead) and even the tried and true voodoo (Venom) . Maybe one day there will be a haggis inspired zombie film; you never now. Until the surreal makes its way to the big screen, prepare yourself for the coming zombie apocalypse, by learning the undead's plan of attack. The short synopsis for Attack of the Herbals below should give you some ideas.

Tagline: "Putting the Tea in Terror!"

The synopsis for Attack of the Herbals:

"Jackson’s life is soon turned upside down when he and a childhood friend discover a mysterious, unmarked crate, washed ashore with a strange substance that happens to make rather nice tea, while turning the locals into zombies!" (Attack).

Release Date: 2011.

Director: David Keith.

Writers: Alisdair Cook, Liam Matheson, and David Keith.

Cast: Calum Booth, Claire McCulloch, Richard Currie, Steve Worsley, Liam Matheson, and Alan Fraser.

*the film is currently in post-production.

**zombie rule #135: don't open beached crates.


Attack of the Herbals at Camelot Entertainment

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