Monday, April 18, 2011

Actor Eric Roberts Tormented in this First Trailer for Spreading Darkness

Director Josh Eisenstadt (Dark Reel) firmly states that this film is not a horror film and instead Spreading Darkness is more psychological thriller. The first teaser does show one man, Stu (Eric Roberts), under some distress, while he talks about being followed, or stalked to another character, Mark (James Duval). His torment is heightened as his dead wife (Tara Cardinal) beckons him from the grave. Have a look at the first clip for this film below, with more details to follow.

The synopsis for the film, courtesy of the Coventry Telegraph:

"Spreading Darkness is a dark psychological thriller about Stu Undercoffler (Roberts), a man who seems to have it all. That is, until the people he took it from decide they want it back. Stu seems to have it under control, but then visions of his dead wife (Cardinal) become more and more real" (Coventry).

Release Date: 2011.

Director: Josh Eisenstadt.

Writers: Josh Eisenstadt and Aaron Pope.

Cast: Eric Roberts, John Savage, James Duval, Rena Riffel, Musetta Vander, Louis Mandylor, DeeDee Bigelow and Tara Cardinal.

The first teaser trailer for Spreading Darkness is here (all ages):

Actress Tara Cardinal has previously been interviewed on this project, here:

Tara Cardinal at the Yahoo Contributor Network

The film's fan page is listed here:

Spreading Darkness on Facebook


Spreading Darkness at the Coventry Telegraph

Director Josh Eisenstadt is possible best known for his horror production Dark Reel:

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