Monday, March 21, 2011

Now in Post-production Keith Smith's Don't Let Him In

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Keith Smith's Don't Let Him In asks viewers: "what if you invited a serial killer on holiday?" This title recently completed production and now, the film will likely be looking for distribution, or attending film festivals. The trailer is below and having a psychopath on your vacation could be rewarding.

You could tie him/her up and force him/her to give you their biography. Then thousands of books sold later and millions of dollars banked, you could turn him over to the authorities for a reward. Payday! Have a look at the early details on this title, with Don't Let Him In coming to screens sooner rather than later.

The synopsis for Don't Let Him In is here;

"What if you invited a serial killer on holiday?

Heading off for a weekend in the country, Paige & Calvin reluctantly allow Calvin’s brash younger sister to bring along Tristan, an arrogant city trader she’s picked up in a one-night stand; but when the group learn a brutal serial killer is plaguing the area, Paige must confront the disturbing truth about Tristan" (Don't).

Director: Kelly Smith.

Writers: Kelly Smith and Chris Andrews.

Producers: Kelly Smith and Mike Mindel.

Cast: Sophie Linfield, Sam Hazeldine and Gordon Alexander.

The trailer for Don't Let Him In is here:


*Est. budget $750,000.

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