Saturday, March 19, 2011

Indie Thriller Alert: The Darq to Terrify with Haunted Houses and Revenge?

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Sometimes a synopsis does a much better job of explaining a plotline, than a trailer does. This is the case with The Darq aka Samhainophobia. Samhainophobia is the fear of Halloween and director John Seabreak's first feature film is a horror film set in a ghoulish amusement ride. This is your first look at this upcoming indie film, below.

The synopsis for the film is here:

"The Darq aka Samhainophobia is a gripping psychological thriller of a failing Haunted House and its owners. Constantly dealing with dwindling profits, incompetent employees, thieves and vandalism, the owners are determined to save this business. Dave sets out to teach the thieves, that their actions come with consequences.

Dave's latest business partner Hector wants to teach them a lesson, not realizing Dave's already teaching that lesson by dressing them in costumes and putting them in the displays throughout the Haunted House. Almost overnight he sees a surge in attendance.

After innumerable complaints to police followed by discovering a mass grave, detectives begin an aggressive investigation. In the end, they have their murderer. Is he the one? Terrifying and gritty, The Darq is a tense, action-packed thriller keeping you on the edge-of-your-seat, until the terrifying end!

Director: John Seabreck.

Writers: John Seabreck, David Williamson, and Jai Aitch.

Cast: Robert Adame, Chelsea Aldrich, Ashton Arendell, Taylor Arendell, Britany Berry, Orlando Bravo, Bullett, and Letitia Canady

The trailer is below, but prepare for MTV styled cuts and edits:

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Haunted Amusement Rides> are a common theme in horror films;

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