Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Zombie Thriller The Returned is Now in Pre-production from Filmax International!

The Returned is a film from director Manuel Carballo (El Ultimo Justo). This is a zombie themed thriller from the European based Filmax International. Recently at the European Film Market, The Returned questions who is undead and who are the zombies. A temporary remedy helps some, but does not cure: "vaccine...which if injected within a few hours of infection, can stop the spread of the virus" (Filmax) promises to grey the area between living and dead.

So far, a film poster is available left and a short synopsis is below. This title is marked as being in pre-production. The one-sheet left states: "where only half way back." Available crew information are below.

The synopsis for The Returned is here:

"Kate works at the hospital in the Return Unit, helping those who have been infected by the virus that turns people into zombies. Kate’s own husband, Jack, has been returned" (Film Catalogue).

Completion Year: 2011.

Director: Manuel Carballo.

Writers: Hatem Khraiche, Ruiz-Zorrilla.

Producers: Julio Fernandez, and Sandra Fernandez.

*"From an ethical point of view, the controversy is total. If they are neither normal people nor zombies, who exactly are the returned?" (Filmax).

The Filmax International lineup at the EFM can be found here, in PDF format:

The Returned at EFM


The Returned at the Film Catalogue (AFM)

After Dark's Prowl is another thriller in the same vein as The Returned:

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