Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Smelly Fishermen Beckon from the Deep in the Horror Feature The Watermen

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A few details are emerging on the upcoming action horror piece titled The Watermen. Jason Mewes (Bitten) will star and recently, this title moved into post-production. A teaser poster is now available, left and this title warns horror fans to stay out of the deep Atlantic. The long synopsis is below.

The synopsis for The Watermen:

"When a group of young, rich friends led by the dynamic Trailor (Jason Mewes) set out for a deep sea fishing trip aboard a million-dollar dreamboat, an electrical fire rocks the ship. The fire destroys their electrical system and engine, leaving them marooned with no communications in the deep Atlantic. Little did they know that their actions disturbed the native folk whom despise outsiders.

These watermen are the anomalous sea clan locally known as the 'Guineamen' who inhabit the nearby marshy islands. They’re a preternatural and isolated community of fishermen who date back to Cornwallis’ army of 1781. They rarely interact with the outside world and they are rumored to have webbed feet. And now the young friends find themselves starring into the salty eyes of these ancient clan men.

A bad situation turns worse when they are drugged and captured by the watermen. They awake horrified and confused; they realize they are trapped on a small island and their plans for escape turn to plans of attack. It is a fight for survival as the friends try to escape the remote island and merciless clutches of the watermen. Will they survive?

Completion Year: 2011.

Director/writer: Matt L. Lockhart.

Cast: Jason Mewes, Richard Riehle, Luke Guldan, and Tyler Johnson.


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