Monday, February 07, 2011

Sasquatch-ploitation Feature Nightbeasts Announces Participation in the Independent Film Quarterly FIlm Festival!

Wes Sullivan is providing some early news on the Independent Film Quarterly Film Festival. This year, the Sasquatch centered Nightbeasts will be in attendance February 24th at 9:30pm. This is one of the only films to announce participation in this event, as the the official selections for the 2011 film festival have not officially been announced. More details on this mythological beast and on Nightbeasts, including a trailer and location info', can be found below.

The film's plot summary is here:

"Nightbeasts is a film about a divorced father, Charles Thomas, who decides to take his son, Tim on a weekend hunting trip in the mountains. It is his hope that such a trip will allow him to bond once again with his estranged son. This was something that his own father often did when Charles himself was a child. Charles owns a cabin in these mountains that was passed down to him by his father and his father’s father. What he doesn’t know is that this little excursion will soon be violently interrupted by the appearance of Nightbeasts!" (Sullivan).

Showing Date: February 24th, 2011 (Limited Showing).

Director: Wes Sullivan.

Writer: Wes Sullivan.

Cast: Zach Galligan, Robert Miano, Chad Trager, and Holly Wilson.

The film's official trailer is here:

*Location details: Nightbeasts will show at the Charlie Chaplin Theatre at Raleigh Studios in Hollywood Ca.

The Nightbeasts website can be found here:

Nightbeasts' Official Webpage

The 2011 lineup for the Independent Quarterly Film Festival will be posted here:

The Independent Film Quarterly Official Website

An extended plot summary on this film has previously been posted here:

Nightbeasts on 28DLA

There have been several Sasquatch-ploitation films made in recent years including:

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