Saturday, February 12, 2011

DJ Perry Signs with Gothic Productions for Horror Title Darkest Nights

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Gothic Productions International will produce a horror thriller titled Darkest Night. Production on this feature will take place in the Philippines. Details are just emerging, so far actors DJ Perry (An Ordinary Killer) and Anne Gauthier are attached; Russ Williams will direct.

Darkest Night takes the form of a fictional documentary, as supernatural elements threaten filming characters. Have a look at the first bloodshot poster for the production left and step inside the general plot details below.


"The price of eternal eternal death!"

The film's plotline:

"Darkest Night depicts a family holiday reunion at an isolated home in the Sagada Mountains. The family's celebration is shattered by bizarre, supernatural and tragic terrors that no one can explain" (Gothic).

Director/writer: Russ Williams.

Cast: DJ Perry, Anne Gauthier.

The production company's website is here:

Gothic Productions Website

Other films from actor DJ Perry are listed here. Actor Perry interacted in an interview on GPS, found next: GPS: An Interview with DJ Perry.

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