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The Last of the Living and Zombie Fart Gags: A Movie Review

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Director/writer: Logan McMillan.

Last of the Living is a zombie styled thriller from New Zealand. This title was completed in 2008 by Gorilla Pictures, with a release of this title in the land of the kiwis in 2009. This film infection spread to North America in early 2010 thanks to Echo Bridge Entertainment. Full of fart gags and slow moving zombies, Last of the Living makes fun of itself and its characters through silly humour and situations.

The film begins with three underachievers holed up in a fortified house. Here, Ash (Ashleigh Southam), Johnny (Robert Faith), and Morgan (Morgan Williams) play video games and eat chips to their heart's content, as the zombie hordes take over the land. Moving from one locale to another introduces a female scientist into this testosterone mix. Soon each man clumsily seeks her focused yet distracted attention. But this woman's heart cannot be won by goofy lines; only a solution to the undead hordes will bring her around.

This is simply a silly zombie themed independent film, worthy of a one time watch. Made for $45K, the film's first continuity error occurs at the eight minute mark, as a man goes to work oblivious to the filming. An airplane wing later shows further errors and Last of the Living begins to show its low budget charm.

The actors also show some charisma and it is their comfortable interaction that makes the film worth watching. Boyish humour is the norm, while Stef (Emily Paddon-Brown) tries to keep the guys focused on a cure to a disease spreading pandemic. The outtakes near the end of the film shows the human side of these actors, which seeps into some of the comedic reels during the show.

Last of the Living is not a film that requires a lot of dissection and instead, zombie lovers should give the disc a spin. Light-hearted, comedic and sometimes charming Last of the Living is an interesting addition to a genre that can and does offer lots of varying interpretations.

Overall: 6.5 out of 10.

A trailer for this film can be found here:

Last of the Living at Gorilla Pictures w/Trailer

Released March 8th on DVD, in Norte Americano:

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