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Hater and Finding Love in Bloodlust : A Book Review

Author: David Moody.

The book Hater is the first in the Hater trilogy, from writer David Moody. An English based writer, Moody began his writing career with Autumn, in 2001. Dog Blood emerged as the second book in the Hater trilogy and this title has been reviewed here: Dog Blood Review on 28DLA. Now, we take a step back and look at the apocalypse that started the series, in Hater.

This book was originally completed in 2006 and this fiction is a slow build to a war between those with bloodlust and those just trying to stay alive. Hater starts in a self-deprecating fashion with Danny McCoyne and this central character attempting to resolve an underachieving streak. His opportunity comes shortly, with a genetic mutation infusing a desire to kill in his blood. The victims multiply and soon the English countryside is run rampant not with zombies, but with crazed killers such as Danny. The end promises more mayhem in Dog Blood and Them or Us, with this second title releasing in 2011.

This first book mostly follows Danny McCoyne, as he goes about his usual working and family routines. Admittedly lazy, McCoyne suffers in a bureaucratic office, under the watchful eye of his supervisor. However, family outings turn quickly from subdued excitement to fear. Stabbings, and beatings become a part of his and his family's social life, with an urban city turning from calm and quiet to blood filled chaos. An unexplained infection, or genetic mutation (the source is never fully explained) turns many normal citizens into Haters. Soon, a war breaks out between those who have changed (Haters) and those struggling to go about their mundane lives.

Hater is a page turner and the interplay of a normal family life with the apocalypse is a must and desirable read. Moody has admitted to his fascination with the coming end of times and his passion shows in the descriptive writing. This first in the trilogy is fast paced and the tension, with action, work to keep the reader immersed in a dangerous fantasy world. But, no book is without a few flaws.

Early on, identifying with Danny is a little difficult. He comes across as such a miserable character. This could be only one reader's interpretation, but likely more readers will feel this. However, the pacing keeps the interest firmly placed between the pages, until all hell breaks loose in the final few chapters. Here Danny shines. This early character flaw also acts as a character arc. Danny becomes the opposite of what he was earlier and the character drawing, by Moody, makes Danny human, but not a valued human being (by himself).

The middle parts and ending bring about many of the thrills. Danny searches for his missing family, after brother turns on brother and father on son. His yearnings for his lost family members are emoted under the later confines of gunpoint and a looming demise by a mysterious government. His final plight is a life and death situation and Hater strongly puts this trio of books in the action genre. More genres compete for attention, however.

There is drama here, too. Danny's family is constantly one step away from falling apart, as any member of a social group can turn into a Hater at any time. This tension and the real life interplay of characters brings a serious tone to some of the chapters. The empathy for some of the family members such as Lizzie, Ellis, Ed and others will draw you in, unless your blood is as ice cold as the Haters.

This book has been available in some format since 2006. In 2009, Hater was released in the United States and now this Canadian book reviewer can firmly stand behind this excellent novel, which was consumed unusually quickly. There is also a free download for this series called "Everything and Nothing," which is available at the Hater Trilogy website. You should really begin with this book, as Hater sets the thrilling tone for the later material.

Overall: 8.25 out of 10.

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