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The Top Five Best Independent Horror Films of 2010 are Here!

Each year horror sites, newspapers, magazines and other forms of media like to compile these silly "Best of," or "Worst of" lists. Here at 28DLA, we like to follow the crowds, but in a different way. This year's lists will consist of various categories including "Top Five Indie Horror Films," "Top Five Major Horror Release," "Top Five Foreign Horror," "Worst Horror Films of 2010," and "Most Anticipated Horror Films of 2011." These lists will be a little more focused. So, let us start with this first list titled "Top Five Indie Horror Films."

Now, this is a year where close to fifty independent films were reviewed on this site. There was the pain of Danny Dyer's Basement from Revolver Entertainment to highlights like Die-Ner, Get It? and the over-the-top and disturbing Harpoon: Whale Watching Massacre. This list will give you the "Best of" in this competitive genre, as this reviewer has seen the gamut. Check out the top five below.

5) Harpoon aka Reykjavik Whale Watching Massacre by Julius Kemp

This film from director Julius Kemp is Iceland's first foray into the horror genre. This title was released by Image Entertainment December 7th on DVD. While some of the formulas of horror are followed closely (seems like a European remake of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre), the ingenuity and creativity of the interaction between a killing family and their kidnapped tourists is unsettling and comedic. This is one to put on your Netflix queue and a review of the title can be found here: Harpoon Whale Watching Massacre Movie Review.

4) Deadland by Damon O'Steen

There is something about a post-apocalyptic environment that will melt this reviewer's heart. In this 2 hour ride through a nuclear redeveloped United States, a bald headed man searches for signs of his lost wife. In between him and his lost love is friendship, camaraderie, life and death decisions, and a whole slew of interesting action sequences. This is a film that flew slightly under the radar, until Lightning Entertainment brought this sci-fi lover to bear. This is one to see and a review of this title can be found here: Deadland Reviewed.

3) Killjoy 3 by John Lechago

This is a film from Full Moon Features, which really put the fun back into horror, for this reviewer. There is something sexy and funny in watching a beautiful mortal seduce a clown faced god of the underworld. You never really know who is on top in this film and the dark sets really captured the imagination. The acting of Trent Haaga is also a benefit, along with the sex appeal of actress Victoria de Mare (as Batty Boop). This film truly is entertaining horror filmmaking. A review of this film is posted here at an external site (Yahoo): Killjoy 3 Movie Review.

2) Blood River by Adam Mason

This director is really developing in this genre, with several titles now under his belt. Technically, this feature was completed and released in some territories in 2009, but this reviewer saw it just this year. This film really shows what independent features can do, as the writing, acting, and messages are each outdoing themselves for best film element. The film is ever twisting and turning, until a brutal ending. This one was a head above the rest in indies this year. Blood River has been reviewed here: Blood River Review.

1) Die-ner (Get It?) by Patrick Horvath

This list ends not with a bang, but with a slow, steady build. Die-ner is a film set in a zombie apocalypse. In this chaos, a serial killer reveals his murderous desires and the innocents have to deal with a dual threat. The comedy in this flick made the picture for this reviewer. The action was simply the blood red icing on the cake. Load this one in the DVD player for sure satisfaction. This film has been reviewed here: Die-ner Reviewed.

Honourable mentions go to 30 Days of Night: Dark Days, Necrosis, and Cabin Fever 2. Which independent horror films are on your top five?

The top four are found here:

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