Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Shaun Troke Developing Supernatural Horror Film in Wales

UK director Shaun Troke is busily creating his latest horror venture, which has yet to be titled. Horror aficionados might recognize Troke from his previous production Sparrow. A trailer for Sparrow is available here: Sparrow Trailer. This latest venture puts several film documenters in a haunted cabin for supernatural thrills. The conflicted love triangle adds to the fun.

A trailer is now available for this feature and the clip shows the independent charm of the piece. Have a look inside, until further details develop.

The film's synopsis is here:

"A filmmaker, his girlfriend, his female colleague, and their rich producer are to spend a weekend making a documentary within an isolated haunted cottage in Wales. While a developing love-triangle creates tension between the foursome, they soon have to begin fighting for their survival against the dangerous supernatural forces inside the cottage…" (Troke).

Director: Shaun Troke.

Writer: Shaun Troke and Steven Jarrett.

Cast: Shaun Troke, Nikki Harrup, Leonora Moore, and Danny Goldberg.

The film's early trailer is here:

Join the film's fan page here:

Shaun Troke's Latest Production

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