Thursday, November 11, 2010

Slave Trading on the Internet in Joe O'Brien's Endure

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White slave trading moves to the internet in Joe O'Brien's Endure. From the cast list, some people will recognize Judd Nelson (Netherbeast Incorporated), Tom Arnold (The Haunting of Bryan Beckett), and Clare Kramer (The Thirst). The first trailer below for Endure shows each of these actors fighting each other for the location of a kidnapped girl. Have a look at the spoilerific reel inside and look for this recently completed production to show in 2011.

A partial synopsis for Endure here:

"A young woman has been abducted, tortured and tied to a tree in the middle of an isolated swamp in central Florida. The only person who knows her location is dead. Veteran detective Emory Lane is called from the bedside of his ailing wife to the site of a gruesome traffic accident on a remote highway late at night. Discovered inside the wreckage: a photograph of a young woman gagged and tied to a tree" (Trailer).

Release: March 2011.

Director/writer: Joe O'Brien.

Other Cast: Devon Sawa, and Joey Lauren Adams.

The trailer is here:

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