Monday, November 01, 2010

John Carpenter Directing His Next Horror Feature - Darkchylde

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John Carpenter (Halloween) is set to direct his next feature film entitled: Darkchylde. This film is based on a graphic novel (comic book) from writer Randy Queen. The film features a strong female protagonist, who has no problem unleashing the desires of her id. The film's concept poster is left, with the character Darkchylde and Carpenter says of the project and the protagonist: "Ariel Chylde, is the best young female character since Laurie Strode in Halloween." A few more details on cast and crew, along with a synopsis are below.

The synopsis for Darkchylde:

"Darkchylde is based on the comic by Randy Queen about a good-hearted Southern teen cursed to become the creatures from her many recurring nightmares. Every time Ariel Chylde transforms, she sheds her skin and a new nightmare emerges from her Id to act out her deepest, darkest impulses" (Shock).

Director: John Carpenter.

Writer: Randy Queen.

*Issues of the comic book (graphic novel) can be downloaded at the "Darkchylde" website:

Darkchylde's Comic Homepage


Darkchylde at Shock Till You Drop

One of "Darkchylde's" many issues:

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