Friday, October 15, 2010

The North American Trailer for Frederico Zampaglione's Shadow is Live

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Shadow Movie Poster
Former Rockstar Frederico Zampaglione's Shadow now has a North American trailer for horror fans. This newest clip, which is quite different from the previous seen (here), shows a couple on a mountain bike adventure in the Alps. Enter in some degenerate hunters and Nazi experiments, then there is a great deal of conflict to be had. This is a film that this reviewer has been looking forward to and apparently this film is available now on IFC Film's Midnight feature (Twitch). However, this cannot be confirmed by the enigma that is also know as the IFC Film website. The trailer is below.

A synopsis for Shadow here:

"A soldier returning from a tour of duty in Iraq goes on a mountain bike adventure in the Alps to forget his battle weary past. In the woods he meets a pretty young stranger who tells him about a local myth concerning a nazi experiment camp. After a confrontation with hunters the couple take refuge in an abandoned bunker where the soldier is forced to endure a more shattering nightmare than the fears he experienced in Iraq" (Shadow).

Release Date: Now (Video-on-demand).

Director: Frederico Zampaglione.

Cast: Nuot Arquint, Ottaviano Blitch, Gianpiero Cognoli, Chris Coppola, Emilio De Marchi, Jake Muxworthy, Matt Patresi and Karina Testa.

The trailer is here(worth sitting through the commercials):

An alternate trailer is here:

Shadow Alt' Trailer


Shadow on Twitch Films

More Nazi goings-ons and horror. To die for!

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