Saturday, October 02, 2010

The Bloomingdale Asylum in NYC will Host a Latin Horror Night October 3rd!

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New York's "most horrifying haunted house" (NYC) is celebrating its seventh year and this year's event will take place in an insane asylum. The event haunts fans in New York at 623 Broadway and this year Latin Horror will be hosting a special night. That special night is this Sunday, October 3rd and Latin Horror subscribers are being offered a special discount with the code MIEDO1. Get set to visit the real Bloomingdale Lunatic Asylum and all the patients in just a couple days, with ticket information inside.

A breakdown of the event:

"Visitors to Nightmare: Superstitions enter a surreal version of The Bloomingdale Lunatic Asylum, one of America's first psychiatric hospitals, now defunct. They are visiting the schizophrenic/manic-depressive wing that specializes in extreme paranoia. Its patients have voluntarily admitted themselves, seeking protection from the danger they perceive is awaiting them because they broke a superstition. They feel they are safe behind padded walls, and that they can be set free if Nightmare patrons break these superstitions and accept bad luck themeselves" (Latin Horror).

One night only: Sunday, October 3rd, 2010.

Where: 623 Broadway (on Mercer St.), New York, NY 10012.

You know the what, where, and when. The why is because this event will be fun and spooky.

More details on this event can be found at the Latin Horror website found below and at this site there are further details on a Fun House section of the asylum, where a carnival will be held:

Latin Horror Haunted House NYC

Also, more specific location instructions can be found at the Haunted House NYC website found here:

The Haunted House NYC Official Site

Remember to use your code MIEDO1 and to order your tickets at the Latin Horror website for big discounts. Order in advance for lowest prices!

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