Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Indie Zombie Alert: Three Sisters Team up to Unleash Hell in Code Z

There is a new zombies series on the horizon produced by Taj Jackson entitled "Code Z: The Zombie Series." This endeavour will involve triplets Thaina, Thayana, and Thaisa, in a world dominated by the undead. The first trailer is available for the picture and in the short clip zombies attempt to snack on these lovely sisters before eating lead. Not sure if this is a spoof or not, but viewers can decide on the genre inside.

The plot summary for "Code Z: The Zombie Series:"

A fun, completely independent, action series about a zombie outbreak that thrashes a private boarding school causing triplet sisters, Katelyn, Hayley, and Lena to become official zombie hunters. The media labels this Zombie attack, "Code Z".

Director: Taj Jackson.

Cast: Thaina Sco, Thayana Sco, and Thaisa Sco.

The film's official trailer:

Code Z : The Series - Official Teaser from Code Z : The Zombie Series on Vimeo.

Lots more details on the film's website:

Code Z Official Website

And the fan page:

Code Z on Facebook


Code Z at Horror-Movies

Very few zombie television styled series are available in N. America e.g. "Dead Set," and "Lifeless," but the book for "The Walking Dead" is available:

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