Tuesday, August 31, 2010

When Crocs' Attack: Lake Placid 3 Movies to an October 26th DVD Release!

SyFy produced the latest in the Lake Placid franchise for a release this past August 21st (Lake Placid 3). Now, Sony Pictures will be releasing this creature feature on DVD October 26th. The film involves unbelievably large crocodiles and their appetite for human flesh. Have a watch as twenty-five foot mayhem unloads in this first mature rated trailer for the picture.

The synopsis for Lake Placid 3:

"Get ready for a living, feeding nightmare when a swarm of gigantic crocodiles terrorizes a secluded country lake. When local wildlife is brutally mauled and campers are reduced to carcasses, biologist Nathan Bickerman (Colin Ferguson) knows a voracious predator is on the loose. So does a feisty female hunting guide (Yancy Butler) out for her next trophy. As the body count rises, the local sheriff tries to keep things quiet and keep the tourists coming. But when the horrifying, hulking truth emerges, can anyone stop these cold-blooded killers before they claim their next victim" (Upcoming)?

Release Date: October 26th (DVD).

Director: Giff Furst.

Writer: David Reed.

Cast: Colin Ferguson, Kirsty Mitchell, Kacy Barnfield, Yancy Butler, and Mark Evans.

The film's red band trailer:


Lake Placid 3 at Upcoming Horror Movies


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