Sunday, August 01, 2010

The UK Brings Urban Legends in to Reality with Sparrow

Some news on UK's Sparrow came out last week and now 28DLA is getting caught up, with help from a fan. Sparrow is from director Shaun Troke (Martyr) and the film involves an urban legend in a dark forest. Except this horror myth is real, as six campers find out the hard way. The film stars Jack W. Carter, Alexis Jayne Defoe, Eric Kolelas and others; a short teaser is available now, as the film finishes up post-production.

The synopsis for Sparrow here:

"Sparrow follows 6 teenagers on a camping trip in the forest - as legend states it’s the site of a presumed historic murder. The group’s disbelief in this urban legend is soon changed when strange happenings begin to occur to each of them..." (Sparrow).

Director: Shaun Troke.

Cast: Nikki Harrup, Thomas James Longley, Joseph Stacey, Sarah Linda, Faye Sewell, Jack W.Carter and Leonora Moore.

The teaser for Sparrow here:

The film's FB group:

Sparrow on Facebook

The film's official site:

The Sparrow Homesite

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